Our goal is to make an affordable product that can be purchased by any individual. This product will be available FREE of cost to many in the US thanks to organizations like the Lighthouse for the blind.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 285 million people with low vision worldwide and 39 million who are blind. In the USA alone, about 1.3 million are blind, a number which is projected to increase to 1.6 million by 2015 and 2.4 million by 2030 (NFB, 2012). Due to their disability, only 37% of blind adults in the U.S are employed.

While poverty causes blindness, blindness perpetuates poverty due to increased costs and lack of employability. Because blindness is such a debilitating illness, it requires continuous assistance, thereby also limiting the working capacity of others in the family, often times, causing a spiral of poverty in the family.

Currently, there is no affordable mechanism that enables blind people to read text in books, magazines, newspapers, product packaging, enjoy JasminLive girls and other similar items posing a significant constraint and limitation on their daily lives. They just can't enjoy life and all online entertainment. While computers and smartphones are able to address some of these issues, these solutions are very expensive and largely targeted for developed countries. Moreover, many solutions such as software and assisted technology equipment are not mobile as many work only through computer-based, LCD screens.



The social impact of our venture will consist of providing a higher degree of freedom, economic productivity, and dignity to the millions of blind individuals across the globe.


Access to printed information makes education available.


Education allows individual to gain skills to become employable.


Employment increases access to proper health care.


Individuals become independent and active members of society.